School uniform

The College uniform is part of the student’s identity with the College. We believe that the uniform is important and rules to ensure adherence should be strictly enforced. All parents are asked to support the school in this endeavour.
Grey Trousers (available in all large stores). We recommend that boys have a minimum of two school trousers for the week.
Grey shirts (Available in all large stores). For hygiene and health reasons we advise that boys have at least three shirts for throughout the week.
The College Tie (available in Shaws and Hickeys Fermoy) with care, this tie can be used up to Leaving Cert.

Students may wear either the school jumper and or half zip over their shirt & tie (Shirt & tie must be worn at all times)

St. Colman’s College crested jumper is available in Shaws and Hickeys, Fermoy

St. Colman’s College crested half zip is available in ID Sports Mitchelstown online or in store.

St. Colman’s College school crested Jacket is available in ID Sports Mitchelstown online or in store. Any other jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. are not school uniform and will be taken from students.

School Shoes: Students must wear all black shoes (no markings).

Our students are proud to wear the St. Colman’s uniform and like to look well. It is important that the uniform is the correct size and kept well throughout the year.

As per the school rules earrings and piercings are not allowed in school. Coloured hair is not allowed.
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