Looking to and planning for... the future. Extra Curricular
There has always been a strong culture in the school of facilitating, encouraging and affirming those who partake of sporting events and extra curricular activities. In a recent survey 68% of the 6th year pupils indicated that they had represented St. Colman's in sport at some level. The percentage of 1st years taking part in some school based sporting activity was higher at 89%. These figures are well above national average and reflect the emphasis and work that has been done over the last number of years in educating students on the benefits of physical activity. Non competitive in-school activities also play a very important role in adolescent exercise in St.Colman's. School activities such as class and year Blitz's, orienteering, outdoor pursuits and Sports Days are hugely important in encouraging student participation without concentrating on winning. The benefits of such a wide variety of sporting activities at all levels (both competitive and non-competitive) are far reaching and are much more than just physical benefits. Making time for exercise is shown to: -Reduce stress - Improve self-confidence - Enjoy the great outdoors - Prevent cognitive decline - Alleviate anxiety - Boost brainpower - Sharpen memory - Increase relaxation - Tap into creativity - Inspire others.